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Terrcotta Mannequin "Lilly", Germany, 1920s

antique mannequin 1920

Barbar Wax Head and Hairdresser Utensils, ca. 1920-1930

antike Frisoer Untensilien 1920

French Wax Mannequin, signature L’Armelez, Paris, 1920s

2 antique wax mannequin 1920

Female Bust by Auguste Henri Carli, France, ca. 1910 -1920

antique female bust HB


Wax Mannequin, ca. 1930

antique wax mannequin


Mannequin in Life Size with Wax Bust, signature C.A.P, ca. 1920

antique mannequin

Jewellery Display Wax Mannequin, signature Kleiser, 20s

antique wax mannequin

French Wax Mannequin, signature P. Imans, Paris, ca. 1928

antique wax mannequin HB

Parisian Children Wax Mannequins, ca. 1920

antique wax mannequin HB

Wax Mannequin, ca. 1900

antique wax mannequin

French Wax Mannequin, signature P. Imans, Paris, 1920s

antique wax bust Imans

BIBA Mannequin, 1973

Biba mannequin 1973

Broken Beauty, 1920s

antique wax mannequin 1920

Wax Mannequin, 1920s

antique wax mannequin 1920

Pierre Imans Wax Mannequin, Paris, 1920s

antique wax mannequin Imans 1920

German Wax Mannequin, ca. 1900

antike Wachsbueste 1900

Wax Mannequin "Lola", Germany, 1920s

antique wax Bust 1920

Lingerie Show-Window Mannequin, Germany, ca. 1930

antique dessous mannequin 1930

PIERRE IMANS Wax Mannequin, Paris, ca. 1920

antique mannequin Imans

Display Mannequin Head, ca. 1927

antique shop display mannequin 1927

Display Mannequin Head, ca. 1932

antique shop display mannequin 1930

Antique Milliner Makers Carved Wood Head, ca. 1890-1900

antique milliner wooden head



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